Monday, January 10, 2011


The list posted here is in no way exhaustive. I haven't been posting it yet because I was trying to think of more things to put on the list, but have decided to just go ahead and put it up here and then as I think of more things I will tack them on!

My list can be broken down into a few major groups: health, hobby, professional

1. Drop some pounds! I would like to get back down to a healthy weight for my height (about 5'8") (I'm working on a little ticker for the sidebar here)
2. Cook more. That ties directly into the weight loss. I eat out too much, or just don't eat at all. Neither of those are healthy options. If I am by myself at home, I have been known to eat a half a box of graham crackers over the sink to avoid cooking and dishes.
3. Grow out my nails. They are just terrible.
4. Cleaning! Keep my house clean/organized more often. Sort through my belongings and get rid of duplicate items (left by former roommates etc.) or things that I won't use anymore. Clothing, VHS tapes etc.

1. Knit or sew at least 1 small project a week, or one large one per month.
2. Organize my supplies/ patterns so that I know what I have. Pair yarns with patterns etc.
3. Get rid of supplies that I won't use.
4. Work on designing jewelry that will challenge my skills, not just meet assignment requirements.

1. Send out at least one resume a day.
2. Go for the long shots. Just because I'm not 100% on the preferred qualifications, applying again won't hurt!
3. Keep my chin up!

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